Since Nova Design's establishment in 1988, the focus of the company has been in automotive transportation design. Today Nova has grown into one of the largest and most experienced automotive transportation design companies in Asia.
With transportation design talents span across Asia, Europe and America, Nova has the global experience on over 100 automotive and transportation design projects in wide ranges. For over ten years, Nova has built an impressive portfolio of large automotive companies.
Nova automotive design has a competitive edge through designing projects for a diverse client group. From show car concepts to large transport, Nova is always on the forefront of design and our client's satisfaction is always our top priority.
Transportation design requires complete research due to its complex nature and scope. Nova Design team works closely with clients to find out the right product strategies. With our experienced research teams, Nova can always start the design process with clear market goals and parameters.
  • Marketing Research
  • Product & Brand Strategy
  • Fashion Trend Study
  • User-Activity Scenarios
Idea creation, the core of designers' innovation, is always at the forefront of every project. Design forces from worldwide Nova Design offices are all experts ready to generate ideas to match clients' needs. With advance 3D tools, Nova can quickly put forth design studies and give clients a virtual look at every design idea.
  • Design Concept Sketch (in 2-D)
  • Package Drawing
  • 3-D Virtual Modeling
Final 1/5th and 1 to 1 scale design clay study model are shown to clients followed by final detail adjustments responding to customer demands. These models serve as a great tool to judge consumer reaction while being displayed in the automotive show.
  • Scale Models
  • 1:1 Model
Reverse engineering is not only available for OEM customers who want certain parts to be reversed engineered in order to be modified and produced. It is also beneficial for clients, who have a design set and ready for production, in need of more accurate 3d scans to make sure the design is up to spec before mold production.
  • Laser scan
  • Class-A Surface
  • CAD Modeling
Nova Design will commission a final confirmation model for the client to use for production mold and quality control check. Using CAD/CAM techniques and machineries to create exterior and interior master models and present the entire design with details.
  • Exterior Master Model Making
  • Interior Master Model Making
To have a new design safely functions and component all fit in specified tolerances, mechanical engineering plays an important role. Using advance simulation software and design talents, Nova Design is able to simulate crash testing and parts fitting before manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Design and Part Analysis
  • Shape Optimize
  • DMU Model For Space Analysis DMU
  • Assembly Design Check
A presentable show car for public viewing is necessary to gauge public reaction and market feedback. Nova Design provides services on the construction of a pre-production prototype for actual real world testing.
  • Fiberglass Keller Model
  • Running Prototype
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