Consumer Electronics--IN THE DETAILS
Consumer Electronics--IN THE DETAILS
"Like your pet, DX325 is always ready to your demand and 'i-play'with you."
DX-3ch25 Wireless Multi-functional Storage Router
designed by Nova Design for EDSLab Technologies Inc.

The WiDRIVE series are compact servers running on Linux. It is keeping a "tea-cup" server in your backpack. You can use it to share files over any IP network or stream songs and videos to your laptop.
WiDRIVE is small, lightweight, and also multi functioned. It supports BitTorrent download without powering your computer 24/7. Also Samba server provides easy data sharing in wireless or wire environment.
DX325 is the 3rd generation of WiDrive series. It is a unique device for high-speed wireless internet and data access. It combines the 802.11n wireless router and Network Attached Storage (NAS). With these two main functions integrates together, users can enjoy their wireless internet surfing while sharing the files that have been stored in the DX325 at the same time.
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"iSpin, iStand and iShell for iPad."
ISP002 SpinStand Multi-function Stand for iPad
designed by Nova Design for Aidata.

Replace the front protection case by central structure. This Spinstand comply protection and stabilization with all of 9” to 11” tablet devices needs.
The simple, ingenuity, and neutral design conform to different types of tablet in the market. Metal martial application also provides the exquisite shape.
The combination of metal and soft material not only promotes its quality but also enhances the strength of structure, comfort of holding, and anti-slippery result.
Spinstand functions:
- Spinstand could be the simply protection case after prop stand apart.
-Prop stand could be used as unipod function on the table. According to the user needs, it provides different operation angles and variety of needs.
-Simply fold prop stand to store device. Users also could hold the device by grasping the back ring and rotating the device to the proper horizontal or vertical angle.
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Consumer Electronics

By Innovation magazine.
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