Nova Design Has Won 2 Awards In The Good Design Award 2013
Nova Design Has Won 2 Awards In The Good Design Award 2013

Congratulations !  Nova Design Has Won 2 Awards In The Good Design Award 2013
design by NOVA DESIGN. Issue Date 2013.10.1
Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Nova Design Has Won 2 Awards In The Good Design Award 2013

Yacht [Bluewater/ uGreen 42 Hybrid]

The project was inspired directly from nature.
The silence of elegance and slow swimming of a manta ray gives us all the inputs for this boat.
Pure lines… for timeless and elegant design. Wide surfaces with a light and streamlined body, to put many solar panels on the roof and get big transparent parts to communicate with environment. Advanced and environmentally friendly technology, for a silent, safe and inexpensive sail on any sheet of water.Warm , comfortable and bright interiors brings the home atmosphere everywhere.

LED Spot Light [LED-MR6-4/ 24-GU5.3-IF]

Opple’s MR16 light bulb is beautiful in design, clever in its concept. No other light bulb design known on the market uses color directly to distinguish color temperature of the lights like the new Opple MR16. The simplicity of the product and the effect it brings makes people appreciate design in the minor details which maybe life changing.
Mainstream products does not have a clear indication system for the relation of color temperature and the actual effect. This design allocate colors to helps to identify color temperature with corresponding effects. By using indicative colors which matches the effect, consumers can now easily identified desired lighting without being puzzled by specialized terms of 2700K, 4500K and 6300K.
Its beautiful appearance, incorporating form and function, redefines the aesthetics of consumables. The unique triangular radiator design and intersecting front cover not only beautiful to view but also enables color indication to be seen from all sides, reminding us that good design is no rare concept. It can be seen in the most minor details and the simplest things which makes life enjoyable.
This design makes minor changes exposing colored part to be seen on all sides to enable the use of color. And assembling the product is simple with only a single screw which lightens up the burden on the assembly line and could easily be serviced. By limiting the bases to current designs with little changes made, it has much added value for both consumer and manufacturer with no additional cost.
We believe our concept of color indication in lighting products may be considered an huge break through in a steady market of consumables by revisiting the basics of needs in everyday product. Though the idea may seem very simple, it makes great changes in making our lives more enjoyable. It helps us to reconsider things that matters and encourage the creativity which betters our society.

Nova Design Has Won 2 Awards In The Good Design Award 2013
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